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March 2024


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Shows on March 23rd 2024
  • Saturday March 23rd 08:00PM
  • The Cookout!!!
  • The Cookout: A Celebration of Laughter & CultureJoin us at The Attic Comedy Club on March 23rd, 2024, for "The Cookout," the comedy show that's a vibrant celebration of comedy culture and the comedic talents who bring it to life.Produced by the creative minds of Larry Danflows and Barack Lesnar, this night is set to be a memorable showcase of laughter and community.Featuring:Joel Good: Catch Joel's relatable humor and charismatic storytelling that speaks to the heart of everyday life.Mimi: Mimi takes the stage with her unique blend of wit, delivering laughs that resonate with real-life experiences.Hood Hero Meko: Meko's energetic style and authentic stories capture the essence of urban life with humor and heart.Freddie Simone: Freddie brings his clever insights and observational comedy that's both intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny.Hosted by DangerDanger, our dynamic host, guarantees an evening of humor and unforgettable moments.Headliner: Steven G.The night's highlight is Steven G., a comedic genius whose performances are always a hit, blending humor with cultural commentary.Enjoy this incredible night at The Attic Comedy Club, where comedy, culture, and community unite. It's more than just a show; it celebrates laughter and life.Date: March 23rd, 2024Venue: The Attic Comedy Club
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